Personal Information:

Name: Ujjwal Adhikari

Occupation: Student, Web Developer, Web host seller, Domain Seller

Marital Status: Unmarried

Nationality: Nepali

Address: Pokhara-5, Nepal

Current Address: Syndey, Australia


Personal Contact Information:


Mobile Number: +61412615298


My Experiences:

Website Developer and Programmer
Computer Hardware Troubleshooter
Windows Server Administration
Linux Server Administration
Mikrotik Server Administration
IRC Server Administration
Electrical Technician

Work Experiences:

I have been actively working on internet since many years. I have developed softwares and built websites. I have been volunteering as the Linux Server Administrator for mYktm Gaming Team which is operated from Nepal. I have been selling domain names and web spaces from many years now.

Some of my websites:

I am interested in:

  • Computer Technology
  • Internet Technology
  • E-Gaming
  • Love to help others in troubleshooting errors.
  • I like to update myself with the latest technologies.